13" MacBook Optical Drive Replacement
Use a coin and turn the battery lock 90 degrees.
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Lift and remove the battery.
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Fully loosen, three Phillips screws along the back of the battery compartment. These three screws are captive and do not come out. They remain in place on the RAM cover.
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Pull the RAM cover back and then lift it out of the computer.
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Look on the bottom of the case and remove three Phillips screws. The two screws in the rear are 14.5 mm and the center screw is 11 mm.

The two rear screws, 14.5 mm, may or may not come out of the case easily. If you can use a magnet, tweezers, or leave them in. If you leave them in just be 100% certain they are fully loosened.
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Three Phillips screws on the rear wall need to be removed. The outside screws are 4mm and the center screw is 3 mm.
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Looking to the right, remove two Phillips screws. The screws are 6.25 mm.
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Four Phillips screws need to be removed. You need to remove the second, fourth, seventh, and ninth screws counting left to right.
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Look at the back of the MacBook. Remove four Phillips screws. The inside screws are 11 mm and the outside screws are 7.25 mm.
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Remove the two Phillips screws on the side of the optical drive. The screws are 5.2 mm.
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Gently pry the keyboard upward starting at the rear, near the screen, working your way to the front toward the track pad. The keyboard may stick over the top of the optical drive. If this happens, pry the other three sides free and then pull directly up on the keyboard over the optical drive.

Please be careful as the ribbon cable from the keyboard to the logic board is very short.
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Hold the keyboard up and pull the black tab on the ribbon connector up off the logic board.
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Pull the white tab on the hard drive tot he left. Then carefully set the hard drive to the side out of harms way.
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Remove two Phillips screws from the outer case of the optical drive bay. They are 3.25 mm screws.
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The optical drive ribbon cable needs to be disconnected by lifting up on the connector.
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Locate the display data cable attached to the logic board by pulling up on the tab. It sits to the right of the optical drive connector.
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Locate the hard drive cable connector and disconnect it by pulling up on the tab. This connector sits to the right of the display data cable connector.
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Pull back the tape off the optical drive back toward the fan.
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You will need to pull up the display data cable a bit to locate a small 2 mm Phillips screw. The screw helps secure the optical drive in position. A lot of caution should be taken because there are several cables, including the Bluetooth cable, that run through this raceway over the Phillips screw.
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Remove the Bluetooth antenna on top of the optical drive.
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The hard drive cable needs to be temporarily rerouted. The cable runs the length of the optical drive and is retained by several clips.
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Lift the side of the optical drive closest to the front of the computer up and slide it out of the computer.
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Remove the black tape spanning the optical drive and the optical drive cable.
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Disconnect the optical drive cable from the back of the optical drive.
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There is a silver metal bracket on the left side (looking at the slot head on) that needs to be removed. Extreme care should be taken with prying this bracket from the optical drive. It is extremely thing metal and bends easy and breaks almost as easy. This will need to be reattached to your replacement optical drive.
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There is an "L" shaped piece of tape on top of the optical drive. You will need to peel this tape up and off the optical drive. This tape will need to be reapplied to the replacement optical drive in the same place.
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Remove two Phillips screws on the right side of the optical drive. The screws and bracket may need to be reattached to the replacement drive. These screws should be snug and not tightened. The bracket needs to move back and forth just a little for it to function properly.
Pry up the bluetooth antenna bracket from the top of the optical drive and reattach it to the replacement optical drive.

Reassemble this device by following these instructions in reverse order.
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