Transmission Mount Replacement (M6)

  1.  13, 15, and 18 mm sockets   2.  Ratchet and torque wrench   3.  transmission mount*
We used a 1LE GM transmission mount for our install.  You need to check to see if your car will accept the 1LE mount.  98 and 99 model years do for sure.  I *believe* that 00 and later models do not.  You will have to purchase a poly mount or a mount from SLP directly.  The 1LE mount is a little harder compound rubber but still doesn't give any extra noise from the transmission.  It doesn't give the harsh
Expect approximately 10 - 25 minutes install time.
  November 17, 2001
Car:  1999 Z28 Camaro, 23,052 miles
Installers:  Eric and Kelly Barger
People who helped us from major tech talk to general advice:
  1.  Tom (onfire)   2.  Phil Watson (matchstick)
Tools & parts you will need:Date:
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Purpose:   To replace your transmission mount on your 6 speed manual transmission.  Over time they become weak.  This robs horsepower put to the ground, may cause your shifter to move more than normal under acceleration, the transmission to thump the bottom of the tunnel under your console or the y-pipe to bump the bottom of your car.
Preface:  Before you start into this install be sure you know how to use all of your shop equipment.  Take your time and be careful.
1.  We pulled our car up onto a set of Rhino Ramps and placed the rear of the car on jack stands. 2.  Place a jack (a regular jack will do; it does not have to be a transmission jack) under the rear of the transmission as shown in Figure 1.  Just place the jack up snug to the transmission.  This is done so that when the support removed, the transmission will not fall causing more damage that anyone cares to discuss.  :-) 
Figure 1
3.  Locate the transmission support that supports the transmission in Figure 2.
Figure 2
4.  Remove the transmission mount nut using a 18 mm socket (see Figure 3). Figure 3
5.  Remove the four (4) transmission support bolts using a 15 mm socket (see Figure 4).  Be ready for the support to drop to the ground after the last bolt is removed.  It is heavy and would make a nice lump on your noggin.  Be sure you have placed a jack up against the rear of the transmission as described in Step 2! Figure 4
6.  Remove the two transmission mount 13 mm bolts (see Figure 5).  Watch out, they transmission mount might look small but it packs a powerful punch falling on your face.  Figure 5
7.  Replace the old transmission mount with a new one and tighten the two 13 mm bolts to 36 ft-lb (see Figure 6). Figure 6
8.  Line the transmission support back up onto the mount and hand tighten about half way the four bolts (see Figure 7).  This will make sure you can move the support side to side because the bolt holes may not line up perfectly at first.  If you have a problem lining up the bolts still, raise the rear of the transmission with the jack a little at a time until you get the bolts lined up.  Finish tightening the four 15 mm bolts to 43 ft-lb.
Figure 7
9.  Tighten the 18 mm transmission mount nut to 77 ft-lb as shown in Figure 8. Figure 8
10.  Lower your car and have some fun enjoying your new "tranny mount".  Also, take time to inspect your mount to see any cracks.  You can see in Figure 9 that we found a small crack starting on our mount.  Yikes! Figure 9