2002 C240:  Power Steering Fluid Top Off
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Symptom(s):  You hear a loud whine when you turn your steering wheel that is embarrassing.
Date Repaired:  10.132004    Mileage:  88,000

Quote to fix from local MB dealer:  N/A

Part information, cost, were purchased: 
1. 1 quart of power steering fluid - $2 - NAPA

Time it took to install:  5 minutes

Complexity of Install:  Extremely Easy

Tools needed for this install: 
1. Funnel
2. Shop rag

Install Contributors:
1. Phil Watson
A loud whine started being heard when the car was backed out of the garage.  This happened most noticeably when starting the car while it had set overnight or at work all day.  The sound would worsen when turning the steering wheel.  The whine sound would go away after several minutes of driving.
It reached a point that that it was embarrassing, and left the steering a little on the rough side.  A simple top off of the power steering fluid did away with the whine, and made the steering Mercedes Benz smooth again.
1.  Figure 1 shows the front intake tube that needs to be replaced.  Detach the intake tube from the engine cover assembly first.  Then detach the intake tube from the front intake duct behind the grill of the car second.
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2.  Remove the power steering reservoir cap by turning it counterclockwise as shown in Figure 2. When you pull the cap off the reservoir, be sure you have a rag ready to wipe off the dipstick on the underside of the lid. Fluid will drip off of the stick and cause a mess under the hood. Be absolutely sure NOT to get any contaminants in the reservoir. That includes lint from your rag.
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3.  Once you have removed the reservoir lid and wiped the dipstick clean, reinstall the cap back onto the reservoir.  Remove the cap again and check the fluid level on the dipstick as shown in Figure 3.  Is your car warmed up or cooled off?  If your car is at running temperature, check the fluid level against the upper Max and Min marks on the dipstick near the 80°C (178°F) mark.  If your engine is cool (at ambient temperature), then check the fluid level against the lower Max and Min marks on the dipstick near the 20°C (68°F) mark.

Is it low?  Too much?  If you are low then add a little at a time until you bring the mark on the dipstick up to or right under the Full mark for the appropriate engine temperature.
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4.  Once you have established the correct fluid level, replace the reservoir cap shown in Figure 4.
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5.  Figure 4 shows where to reattach the front intake tube starting with the end toward the front of the car.  The end will pop right into place.  Next, connect the end of the intake tube toward the rear of the car to the engine cover assembly.
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6. Crank the car up and listen to how quite she is.  Ahhhhhh, reminds you why you purchased a Mercedes Benz.  That's it, your done!