Conversational Mirror Swap
Tools Needed
8mm socket
Tiny pry tool

Console Assembly Roof (Clear Gray) 83250-SHJ-A03ZB
This part is for a 2006 Honda Odyssey Minivan
Locate and open the overhead sunglass holder. Empty the compartment.
Glove Box
Remove two screws using an 8mm socket.

When tightening these screws back up on the reassemble, a light snug is good enough. I was able to loosen them by hand with just a socket and extension. I did not even need a ratchet.
hood latch
Remove the clear plastic bulb covers using a slim tool. A straight tool was used here.
Glove Box
Support Rod
Remove two screws using an 8mm socket from each bulb compartment.

When reassembling tighten these screws to snug. No need to strip them out.
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Using your hands, gently pull the entire assembly out. Be careful as there are two wires that will still need to be disconnected.

With the assembly out, push the tabs toward the wires and disconnect them.
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Push out the bulb assembly and garage remote from the console assembly. It should come close to falling out on its own. Just push it from the backside toward the finished side.
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Doing the opposite, take the bulb assembly and garage remote and pop them into the new console assembly. You can tell a slight color variation between the two. It's not perfect but you can't notice it inside the truck after it is installed unless you get out the bright lights and study it.
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Reassemble in reverse order.
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