Special Thanks

We would like to thank everyone who has help make this CD-Rom guide become reality.  I would like to thank my wife Kelly for being supportive and VERY understanding.  We spent many Saturdays, week nights and off days installing parts on our Z28.  She is an angel for actually getting down under the car and helping me out.  I spent countless hours writing up these installs and that takes time away from her.

I would also like to thank Elmer Boggs for helping out a lot.  Elmer proof reads and offers many suggestions as well as rewriting my confusing paragraphs to make it easier for everyone to read!  He also is the man that has any kind of information relating to torque. :-) It has the best introduction of any LS1 website on the web!

*Please note* The CD-Rom guide is no longer available. We also have included three extra write-ups on the CD-Rom guide not included on our website.  I would like to thank Brian Schreurs for his documents that ensure that the contents of this CD reflect the high quality standards we set.  Brian's advice and experiences he shared with us have helped us out tremendously.  His guidance helped to clear up many technical questions I had about creating this CD. You can visit his website at http://neptune.spacebears.com 

*Update* Brian passed away in a vehicle accident in 2006. He will be missed. Visit http://www.brianschreurs.org/
I would like to thank all the guys who have helped me out along the way.  There are too many to list but their names can be found at the top of each install document.

A big thanks to all the guys who have donated installs to further the high quality standards we try to hold this site too.  It is nice to know people want to help others out.  Writing up an install document is a very tedious process and very time consuming.  Thanks everyone!

I encourage all of you to send the people an email thanking them.  Without them, there would be an Install University that was more like an Install Kindergarten.
- Eric & Kelly Barger