I am not going to lie, I love to drag race. While my wife is not going to let me take her car to the drag strip (yet) there is an iPhone App which I have found very accurate called Dynolicious. I am in no way affiliated with the company, never met the developers, and have never taken any form of compensation from them. I just wanted something to use on private air strips where I can wind out the car legally with no hassle from the local law enforcement.

To the right you can see several screen shots patched together showing the average performance of our GS. It is the average of all test runs that have been recorded.

Our setup data is below:

Weight: 3,795 lbs

Drivetrain Loss: 21%

These are approximations but we feel they are "close" to being real. Yes, we took into account a 175 lb driver and no passengers.

Our Lexus GS 350 2WD averages 301 HP and a 0-60 MPH of 5.95 seconds. That is enough to make the Mustang crowd think twice. ;-)
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