Air Filter Swap
Tools Needed
Long phillips screw driver

A ratchet, 8mm socket and 12" extension can be used in place of the screwdriver.
16" Phillips Screw Driver
Pull the hood release handle located in the area of the left foot. (Page 250 - 2013 Ridgeline Owner's Manual)
Hood Release Handle
Raise the hood by lifting the hood latch located above the "H" on the front grill. (Page 250 - 2013 Ridgeline Owner's Manual)
Hood Latch
Secure the hood by placing the support rod in one of the two designated holes in the hood with arrows pointing to them. Make absolutely sure the hood is secure. (Page 250 - 2013 Ridgeline Owner's Manual)
Support Rod
Loosen the four phillips screws from the air box lid. The screws are captive and do not come out of the air box lid. A screw driver with a shaft length of 16" will work great for the screw closest to the fender.
Air Box Lid Screws
Going Deep
Lift the air box lid and remove the air filter.
Air Filter
Reassemble in reverse order. Tighten the four phillips screws to snug. There is not a readily available torque specification for these screws.