TH400 Conversion from M6

Starter Installation
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Tools Needed
10 mm
15 mm socket
12" of extensions (minimum)
Disconnect the battery before proceeding.

Disconnect the battery before proceeding.

Please read this step completely before starting.

The battery must be safely disconnected with no chance of the terminals from the car making contact with the battery terminals. If the starter tries to start, it will make for a extremely bad consequences. I know you read disconnect the battery on all installations but you must, without hesitation, disconnect the battery when messing around with the starter.

Disconnect the battery before proceeding.
Prepare ahead of time to have a bungee chord, zip ties, or something that can safely suspend the starter after it is removed without putting stress on the starter leads (big wires).

Tighten the 10mm bolt/screw for the starter shield to "snug." I can't find a specification for this bolt in the manual.
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Tigthten the 13mm bolts to 37 ft-lbs
(GM Service Manual 1999 6-737).
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