Front Sway Bar
2002 C240:  Front Sway Bar Change
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Symptom(s):  You want better handling in the curves.
Date Repaired:  N/A    Mileage:  N/A

Quote to fix from local MB dealer:

Part information, cost, were purchased: 

1. Front sway bar and bushings -

Time it took to install:
  30 - 45 minutes

Complexity of Install: 

Tools needed for this install: 

1. Ratchet
2. Short socket extension (3" will do but may not be used)
3. 16 mm socket
4. 8 mm socket
5. Ramps - Lift - Jack stands and jack
6. 8 mm wrench
7. E12 Torx inverted socket

Install Contributor

This is an easy performance upgrade to perform and will run you approximately $250 in parts.

There are a couple different brands you could go with:

Stock: 20 mm front and 13 mm rear
C32: 22 mm front and 16 mm rear
H&R: 26 mm front and 19 mm rear
Evosport: 24 mm front and 19 mm rear
Eibach: 24 mm front and 22 mm rear

I recommend going with a H&R front and a Eibach rear.

Installation Procedure
1. Place front of car on Rhino-Ramps or other suitable device(s). You have a choice whether you want to get under the car and make it a SAFE one. Take no chances with your life (Figure 1).

2. Remove the six 8 mm screws on the front under cover (Figure 2).

3. Remove 16mm Nut on both end links while holding the 8mm center bolt with a wrench (Figure 3).

4. Remove two E12 inverted torx bolts on each side (Figure 4).

5. Take out sway bar (Figure 5).

6. Put sway bar in the endlinks, do not put nuts back on yet (Figure 6).

7. Put the 2 E12 Inverted Torx bolts back in on each side (Figure 7).

8. Put end link nuts back on.

9. When installed with the larger rear sway bar, there is a lot less understeer. The car turns a lot stiffer and has less body roll.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7