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2002 C240:  Driver's Side Fog Light and Glass Lens Cover Replacement
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Symptom(s):  Your fog light is out and/or the glass lens is broke.
Date Repaired:  9.252004    Mileage:  86,300

Quote to fix from local MB dealer:  $170

Part information, cost, were purchased: 
1. Fog light bulb - XXX - $3 - Mercedes Benz of Knoxville
2. Fog light glass lens for driver side - A2158260190 - $23 - Mercedes Benz of Knoxville
3. Plastic rivet - A1249900492 - $2.40 - Mercedes Benz of Knoxville (optional)

Time it took to install: 
45 minutes

Complexity of Install:

Tools needed for this install: 

1. Eye safety glasses
2. 8 mm socket
3. 10 mm socket
4. 3" socket extension
5. ratchet
6. Flat head screw driver
7. Small needle nose pliers
8. Rhino ramps (car ramps)

Install Contributors
1. Steven Lewis (a.k.a. saturnstyl @

Figure 1 shows the fog light that will be having the work performed on it.  Fog light bulbs are going to go out some day during your vehicle ownership.  A more remote possibility is the glass lens breaking and needing to be replaced.  Below show how to change the lens and bulb on a 2002 C240 sedan. 
If you just need to change the bulb, you will be asked to skip several steps.  This way we can consolidate two installs into one.

Installation Procedure
1.  Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left.  Look inside the front driver's side wheel well and remove three 10 mm bolts, and four push pins from inside fender well and bottom side of front of car as shown in Figure 2 and 3.  The push pins will require you to use a flat head screw driver to pry the middle pin up and out.  Then just extract the remaining snap housing.
2.  Remove the plastic fender well panel being careful to slide it out of the clip inside the fender well as shown in Figure 4.
3.  Open the small plastic hatch, using a flat head screw driver,  in the front of the car next to the fog light housing as shown in Figure 5.  Remove the 8 mm bolt behind the hatch cover and lay it aside in a safe place.  Removing this bolt will allow you to move the fender a little easier.
4.  Locate and twist, approximately 15 degrees counterclockwise, the back of the bulb socket as shown in Figure 6.  Once you have rotated the bulb, pull back on it, and it should come right out of the socket.  Watch for falling glass!!
5.  Skip to Step 14 if you are just replacing the fog light bulb.  If you need to replace the glass cover, please continue to the next step.
6.  Pull car up onto ramps, I use rhino ramps because of their strong design and ability to work with low profile cars,  observing all safety rules and common sense guidelines that accompany such responsibility.
7.  Push/pull the fender towards the front of the car, only an inch or so, and locate the two 8 mm bolts that hold the fog light in place shown in Figure 7.  Loosen the two 8 mm bolts, one on each side of the fog light.  I just used the socket and extension to loosen the bolts by hand because they were just hand tight.  Watch for falling glass!!
8.  Pull the fog light assembly down and out of the car.  It should come out with some wiggling of the fender as shown in Figure 8.  Watch for falling glass!!
9.  Remove the three metal clips holding the current glass lens to the assembly housing as shown in Figure 9.  The use of a flat head screw driver will do the trick.  Watch for flying glass!!
10.  Once the clips are removed it may take a little force to remove the glass.  The glass cover tends to stick to the seal.  Watch for flying glass!!
11.  Once removed, clean the inside of the housing assembly with window cleaner or a damp rag.  Dry when finished.  Figure 10 shows a poorly cleaned hosing assembly done by yours truly. 
12.  Take the new glass lens and place on the housing assembly as shown in Figure 11.  Reposition the metal clips to hold the lens in place.  Be sure to put the clips on the lip of the outside edge of the glass lens.
13.  Install the housing assembly and newly installed glass lens.  Tighten the two 8 mm bolts, one on each side, to hand tight just using a socket and extension as shown in Figure 12.
14.  Before opening the box with the new fog light bulb, please note to NOT TOUCH THE BULB GLASS!  I cannot over emphasize this point.  If the glass is touched, there is a chance the life of the bulb will decrease.
15.  Remove the old bulb from the electrical socket by raising the back clip on the socket and pulling the bulb out of the socket as shown in Figure 13. 
16.  Reinstall the new bulb in the same manner as you removed the old bulb being careful not to touch the glass area as shown in Figure 14.
17.  Reinstall the bulb and socket into the housing assembly as shown in Figure 15.  Watch for falling glass!!
18.  Snap the fender well panel back into place.  Reinstall the three 10mm bolts and push pins into the appropriate locations as shown in Figure 16 and 17.  You may need to get the bolts started and then pull off the ramps and turn the wheel to the left before tightening in order to access the bolts easier. 
19.  Reinstall the 8 mm bolt in the front of the car near the fog light lens.  Snap the hatch cover back in place as shown in Figure 18.
20.  Cleanup around the work area and pull the car off the ramps.

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