15" MacBook Pro A1211 Optical Drive Replacement
Remove battery.
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Three Phillips screws should be removed from the memory cover using a PH00 Phillips screw driver.
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Remove the memory cover.
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Remove the two Phillips screw inside the battery compartment closest to the outside of the case.
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Remove two T6 Torx screws and four Phillips screws running along the screen hinge.
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Lift the keyboard carefully. You will have to pry it up starting from the screen side working your way back to the trackpad. BE CAREFUL: There is a ribbon cable attached to the underside of the keyboard so lift carefully.
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Remove the tape from the trackpad and keyboard connector. Disconnect the trackpad and ribbon cable connector from the logic board.
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Disconnect the optical guide ribbon cable from the logic board. Remove tape as necessary.
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Remove three Phillips screws on the side with the DVI and ethernet port.
  • Three Phillips screws
  • One T6 Torx screw
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Lift the optical drive out of the case.
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Remove the two Phillips screws from the side of the optical drive with the bracket. If your replacement drive already has the bracket attached, skip this step.
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Disconnect the optical drive ribbon cable from the optical drive.

Reassemble this device by following these instructions in reverse order.
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