Install Documents

Check out our Special Thanks page.  There are a lot of people behind the scenes.  

    Donation that includes complete install guide and not included on any CD
    Freshman year, an install we performed on our car during our first year of ownership or an install easy to do.
    Sophomore year, an install we performed on our car during our second year of ownership or an install moderate in difficulty.

Air Induction

    Free Ram Air 
    Air Filter Swap
    Whisper Lid Install
    Mass Air Flow Housing Swap 
    !MAF: Porting the Mass-Air-Flow Housing
(Done by Patman, Thanks Patman!) 
    !EGR Free Modification 
    Throttle Body Install
    Throttle Body Bump Stop Mod


    Colored tubing in the engine compartment 
    Painting your valve covers (Done by Bryan (Reko98TA), Thanks Bryan!)  
    Painting your hood struts 
    Corvette oil filler cap 
    Car detailing/Zaino application tips 


    Brake Pad and Rotor Swap (Done by Mitch Warren (mitchntx), Thanks Mitch!)
    Brake Caliper Rebuild (Done by Mitch Warren (mitchntx), Thanks Mitch!)

Cooling System

    160 F Thermostat Swap 
    Throttle Body Bypass


    Auto Tap 
    IAT Timing Tricker


    Engine Oil Change 
    1999-2000 PCV valve swap

    Spark plug and wire swap 
    Fuel Filter Replacement One
(Done by Eric and Kelly)  
    Fuel Filter Replacement Two (Done by Larry Cato (PaiN), Thanks Larry!)  
    PCV mod
(Donated by Darryl Stevens (Beano). Thanks Darryl!) 
    PCV mod (Donated by Steve Hovis. Thanks Steve!)
    Drive Belt Idler Pulley Replacement (Accessory)


    Exhaust Cutout Explanation 
    EGR Pipe Replacement 


    Additional Key Fob Remotes 
Rear Hatch Release Fix - May or may not work
    Rear Hatch Release Fix 2 (1999 and Newer) - The FIX!  This will work!!
    LS1 Lift Points (Floor jack and stands)


    2-Point Shock Tower Brace Install 
Panhard Bar Install 
Rear Lower Control Arm Install 
TA Performance Rear Differential Cover/Fluid Install 
    Front Sway Bar, Endlinks and Prothane Bushing Install 
    Rear Sway Bar, Endlinks and Prothane Bushing Install 
    BMR Bolt-On Relocation Brackets
    Sub Frame Connectors  


    McLeod Adjustable Master Cylinder and "Drill Mod" Install
    McLeod Clutch Install
(Donated by Brian (fireball), Kris (99WhiteSS), and David. Thanks GUYS!
    Shifter Install
    Lou Salzano Short Shifter Stick Install 
    Matthew Harlan's Programmable Shift Light 
    !CAGS:  $0.50 Radio Shack resistor
    !CAGS:  SLP Skip Shift Eliminator 
    Torque Arm Bushing Install
(Done by (Z28Mech), Thanks!)
    Drill Mod with McLeod Master Cylinder Install (Special thanks to Bean-o)
    Transmission Mount Replacement

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