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Cam'd cars that Smoke
Support group for those who have cam'd LS1's that smoke


Welcome to the support group for LS1's that smoke after a cam install.  Yes, some LS1's after receiving an aftermarket cam will smoke like a freight train.  As of right now, the incidents are few and far between.  We hope to post the latest information on the reasons for the smoke under wide-open-throttle.

The first thing to be checked if you have a "smoker" after a cam install is to eliminate the PCV system.  You accomplish this by simply disconnecting the hose and make a few wide-open-throttle runs.  If the car continues to smoke then you have a "smoker".  Check back now and again to see what the latest news.

Below you can find the small and ever growing list of "smokers".  It's their own little support group.  :-)


Brian (SlowLS1), has had a smoker since the second he fired up his 1998 Trans Am since his LS1 Hot Cam install.  Since then every possible issue with the car has been looked that can be without removing the heads.  Brian has went back to his stock cam since then and the problem is still present.  Smoke and oil usage has made no change. (Username) Heads Cam Springs Pulley Oil (Brand/Type)
SlowLS1 Stock GM LS1 Hot Cam LS6 Stock ?
Nic00Z28M6 ? Thunder Racing? ? ? ?
4mulaJoe ? ? ? ? ?
DG Grodon Stock Thunder Racing ? ? ? Ported GM LS1 Hot Cam LS6 ? ?
Kenny H Stock T1 918 ? ?
Dean Stock Hammer ? ? ?


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