Auto Tap:  What you need to know

Tools and Parts you will need:

1.  Auto Tap Software and Cable.
2.  Notebook computer
3.  A external power supply really helps

*We used NGK TR55 Copper Plugs

Expect a life time of learning. 

Date:  March 31-?, 2000
Car:  1999 Z28 Camaro
Installers:  Eric and Kelly Barger

People who helped us from major tech talk to general advice:

  1. Larry (PaiN)
  2. Tom (onfire)
  3. (Zpilot)
  4. Elmer Boggs (eboggs_jkvl)
  5. All my buds at


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Purpose:  We are trying to start a base for people to learn how to use their new found technology.  We bought Auto Tap ourselves and had no idea how we could "really" use it to help us determine what helps and hurts our cars performance.  We hope that this page grows into a large FAQ that will help EVERYONE to learn what they have.  After you see the basics, learn your way around, you can then start to think of new things.  Always question what you don't understand; that is the only way the rest of us can reaffirm our knowledge or rethink what we thought we knew. 

Preface:  Please don't get in your car and stare at the computer screen while driving down the road.  You WILL hit the ditch at some point and that is not what you want to do.  So, please be careful and have fun!

1.  Auto Tap General Terminology - Get familiar with the general terminology.  Please read this section, remember where this is located, and then read it again.  Understanding what everyone is saying and understanding what they are saying means is the very important.

2.  Auto Tap FAQ - You have read the general terminology now you can read a FAQ about what certain numbers or conditions mean.  For instance, if someone states that their car is running lean you will know what sensors, numbers, and other information are needed to make that conclusion.

3.  Using Auto Tap - You can see how to get auto tap working for you right out of the box.  See where to hook your cable in to the car, what settings you should start monitoring and how to record data from your car and retrieve them for later use.

4.  Auto Tap Values - Compare what values your car makes against the ideal values you should have or strive for.

5.  Auto Tap Library - See example logs of F-Body cars and compare them to your own.  Also see example logs of cars with problems such as bent pushrods or valves.


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