PCV Modification Installation

Tools you will need:
  1. Two hands

Expect approximately 10 - 45 minute install time

Part Numbers and Parts Used



Date:  March 11, 2000
Car:  1998 Z28 1LE Camaro
Installers:  Darryl Stevens

People who helped us from major tech talk to general advice:

  1. MannyZ28
  2. All my buds at LS1.com


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Preface:  Before you start into this install be sure you have a candy bar.  You might also want to know how to use your hands during this install to help make the job a lot easier.

1.  Find pcv line (3/8" line) right below throttle body on intake manifold. 

2.  Follow this line up until approx the middle of the intake manifold under the pass side fuel rail where you'll find a foam wrapped lump. 

3.  Take a sharp knife and carefully cut this foam away. You won't need it again. 

4. Once the foam is removed you can easily see the pcv connection. Pull the front hose off of the pcv valve and intake vacuum port (below throttle body). 

5.  Take needle nose pliers and pull pcv valve out of it's rubber boot. 

6.  Take a four inch piece of 1/2" emissions hose and push the 1/2" inch end of the 1/2" to 3/8" adapter hose splice onto one end of the hose. 

7.  Push the pcv "L" shaped boot(3/8" end) onto the 3/8" end of the adapter/splice mentioned in step 6

8.  Take your new 90 degree pcv valve and put a small amount of oil around the big end and push it into the 1/2" hole in the rubber "L". 

9.  Now take this pcv valve assembly and apply a small amount of oil to the outside edge of the open end of the 1/2" hose. 

10.  Push the assembly ,1/2" hose end first, into the factory pcv boot on top of the intake manifold. There is a metal spring/clip inside this boot so make sure your 1/2" hose gets inside this spring. 

11.  Now the last step should be obvious. Simply connect a piece of 3/8" hose from the 90 degree pcv outlet to the vacuum port on the intake manifold. You're done. 

Comments : 
1. Read all these instructions first. 
2.Before fully assembling any parts lay them out and be sure the measurements are correct for your car.3. I purchased all these parts at NAPA.
4.This procedure and hose measurements are for a 98. The 99 models have the pcv moved farther to the front of the car near the intake manifold vacuum port. So your procedure and hose measurements will be a little different. 
5.This mod will eliminate oil consumption through the pcv and will make your car run better due to not having oil in your combustion cycle. It also improved my slightly rough idle.